"aM i Making THE RIGHT Decision FOR MY CHILD?"

How often do you find yourself making parenting decisions and then constantly wrestling with this question?  

If you have a child who is very unique or doesn't quite fit the mode then you probably find yourself asking this a lot.   The self doubt and worry can be overwhelming. It's easy to find many different opinions and advice about your parenting choices, but finding a positive fit for your unique family and circumstances can be more of a challenge.

Overwhelming self doubt and constant battling to get your child to do everyday necessities can all too easily steal the joy from family life and leave you feeling exhausted and lonely.  The misunderstandings others have of your parenting choices just adding to this as you feel the pressure to squeeze your child into a mould which just doesn't fit.



It doesn't have to be this way.

I help parents whose children find everyday life challenging to tap find ways to confidently their unique child.

​When you know that despite your best efforts

your confidence is low and family life isn’t working

well but this is too important to just muddle

through this is where I can help!​​

I help parents to step back, tap into their wealth 

of knowledge and expertise on their child and

find ways to make family life a happier, calmer

and more connected.  


Together we can work through the challenges

and help you develop confidence , build

connection  and understanding and enjoy the

gloriously messy journey that is family life.


How I Can

Help You


I work with you and your family to help you find positive ways forward with the issues you are facing. 


I offer packages tailored to my clients needs so whether you prefer to work on a 1:1 as a couple or in a group there are ways I can help.