Optimum Parent

If you find yourself  regularly feeling stuck, exhausted, frustrated or not knowing what on earth to do next then there’s a good chance your parenting journey is not the one you hoped it would be.  

Despite what social media may have us believe this is how many parents feel.   You may be doing a fantastic job, but regular conflict, life pressures and the fact there’s just no manual for raising a child can mean it’s very difficult to find confidence, especially when there’s lots of conflicting opinions on how it “should” be done.

This can be particularly difficult if your child just doesn't seem to be able to "get" the things they need to do or the system doesn’t really work for them.

There can be a myriad of reasons why some children find the expectations upon them difficult whilst their peers appear to sail through. Whether it’s something diagnosed, their personality type or life has thrown a curve ball which has left them wobbling.

Supporting a child who is struggling can be exhausting – meeting everyday expectations of school and those around can take huge amounts of work behind the scenes and leave you full of doubt, especially if those around you don’t “get” your child.

The Optimum Parent coaching package is about finding that confidence you need, clarity on what is the best way forward for you and support to help you take the steps you want at the right pace for you and your family. It’s designed to draw on your expertise on your family (there will be a lot more than you realise) leaving you better placed to confidently make the best decisions for your unique family and enjoy the gloriously messy journey of family life.

1:1 sessions

1 session      £125

6 sessions    £585

(Sessions length -  90 mins)


Couples sessions

1 session    £150

6 sessions   £750

(Sessions length - up to 2 hours)


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