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Passionate About Helping Families Thrive

Hi! I’m Julie from Optimum Coaching.

I work with parents who are passionate about giving their children the best possible start in life but perhaps are finding there is no simple a to b route to do this.

My own journey into parenting was back to front – I was a foster carer for 7 years. Our first “child” was 17 and our second was 14! These experiences plus having my own birth children have taught me there really is no one size fits all.  We’ve had many moments of working so hard, yet feeling stuck, frustrated and exhausted over the years. 

In those challenging times having a safe space to talk, reflect, step back and access our expertise on our children has consistently make a difference to finding positive ways forward and making family life work better. It’s why I’m passionate about what I do. 

I love seeing how coaching boosts confidence, relationships, wellbeing and helps families to be more connected. 

As well as fostering I spent many years in teaching, specialising in working with children who were not able to attend mainstream school due to behaviour challenges or anxiety. I really do know how complex life with a child or young person can be.

Whilst my experiences mean I understand my training and qualifications are a key part of how I work.  These include me being a qualified coach with the Coaching Academy and an ongoing member of the Coaching Academy as well as an associate member of the Association of Coaching.

I don’t know any parent who has gone from 0-18 and said “that was a breeze,” but I know many who, with focused space to think and someone believing in them and cheering them on find positive ways forward through the difficult times.

If you’d like to know more about working together let's book a chat.