About me, My passion and what others say

Passionate About Helping Families Thrive

Hi! I’m Julie from Optimum Coaching.

I work with parents who are passionate about giving their children the best possible start in life but are finding there is no simple a to b route to do this.

My own journey into parenting was back to front – I was a foster carer for 7 years along with my husband, Steve. Our first “child” was 17 and our second was 14! These experiences plus having my own birth children who are now 5 and 7 have taught me there really is no one size fits all.  We’ve had many moments feeling stuck, frustrated and exhausted over the years. 

In those challenging times having a safe space to talk, reflect, step back and access our expertise on our children has consistently make a difference to finding positive ways forward and making family life work better. It’s why I’m passionate about what I do.


It might also help you to know I'm a qualified coach and I worked as a teacher for many years in a pupil referral unit.  Many of the pupils had been excluded or were school refusers.  I still do some work with young people in a local independent school which offers bespoke education. 

If you know you need help, but you're not sure where to start book a chat and find out more.