Optimum YOU


How often do you find yourself working hard only to be constantly exhausted and still feeling like you haven’t yet achieved your potential?

Do you see flashes of the person you’d like to be, but sustaining it is difficult?

How much does self doubt, others needs, not knowing where to start or an overwhelming to do list get in the way?

Optimum You is all about helping  you identify what the “optimum” you looks like, the obstacles to achieving this and how to make it happen.

This is not a set formula – it’s about finding what the best unique fit is for you.  Working with your strengths and circumstances, identifying  clear goals and   step by step making the changes you want.

If you know your self care, wellbeing and confidence needs some attention then this is the programme for you.

The Optimum You coaching package is about finding that confidence you need, clarity on what is the best way forward for you and support to help you make positive change at the right pace for you.

1:1 sessions

1 session      £125

6 sessions    £585

(Sessions length -  90 mins)


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