Using curious conversations to support your child

Is it time for a curious conversation with your child?

It's easy to assume we know how our children are feeling, particularly when we are spending so much time around them

However, sometimes the value in a conversation is not us gaining knowledge, but the other person being able to articulate something important to them.

And sometime we've made the wrong assumption.

We're in the cusp of lots of change - again - space and opportunity to communicate and articulate the feelings this brings up is really important and possible one of the most effective ways we can help our child.

This means allowing space, ditching distractions, exploring (even if it's emotive for you), parking our own issues and walking with our child.

Below is my attempt to get onto one sheet some useful open questions and some thoughts on how to create an environment that works for these important conversations.

If your child finds it difficult to talk they could write it, draw it or talk through toys and puppets - be creative and open and please, please don't rush to try to fix - this is an amazing opportunity to be curious and explore and work out.

Curious conversations take time, patience and courage to explore the uncomfortable and confusing. (and holding back our need to fix and protect). If you can offer these kinds of conversation to your child then what a gift.

Optimum Coaching's mission is to help you tap into your expertise to help you identify how to best support your child and make family life work better. If it would help to have a curious conversation yourself then you can book your free initial 1:1 coaching chat with Julie at:

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