The mental load of family life can be full on at the best of times. 


If you have a child who finds everyday activities difficult this can make it even harder.  When life throws multiple demands at you it can be all too easy for the urgent to push out the important, for self doubt to creep in and for confidence, connection and wellbeing in family life to suffer. 


This programme is about proactively making space to pause and reflect so you can manage all those different responsibilities and needs effectively and make sure what's important stays at the top of the priority list so you can confidently enjoy family life.

"Thank you for giving us space to be real, honest and open with each other. It has been incredibly helpful and beneficial" Member of 2019 programme.


It's 6 x 2 hour group coaching sessions in a small group either face to face or online.   Prices start from £135   Monthly payment plans available.

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